MHK / Timelink Release notes

Version 5.5 build 2228 (master) 29/07/2023 15:42

Version 5.5 2177 20/2/2023

Version 5.5 19/2/2023

Version 5.4 13/3/2022

New semantic version numbers

Docker: new multiplatoform builds and tags

Version 2021.A5.3 25/01/2022

Identities exports now order instance of each real entity by id, making it easier to compare exports in diferent databases.

Version 2021.A5.2 19/11/2021

Fixes bug in the database setup code that created rare inconsistencies in real entity processing.

Version 2021.A5.1 13/10/2021

MHK changes

Kleio changes

    * Better token generation, more secure
    * Add json representation of structure, STRU.json
    * Add env variable for admin token
    * Improved tests, new make target
    * Fix old bug that kept ids files after translation
    * Improve definition of bem, so that id at end, and field sizes increased
    * Fix problem with warning on file name and id prefixes

Version 2021.A4.2 17/6/2021

Adds display of annotations to obs fields

When annotations are used in the Kleio file (# for comments and % for original wording) they are added to the "obs" field of the corresponding group in the database. Previously annotations were ignored by the import process.

So the following fragment in the kleio file:

    n$António de Abreu/id=deh-antonio-de-abreu
        ls$embarque/S. Valentim/16020325#não padre
        ls$jesuita-votos-local/Negaptattinam%Negapatami (Négapatam)/16040106
        ls$morte/Changchow#no rio, a caminho do Japão/16110000/obs=[JRC: Talvez 漳州 (Zhangzhou) Fujian]
Once imported into te database is displayed by MHK as:

    n$ António de Abreu /sex=m /id=deh-antonio-de-abreu /rid=rp-41
        ls$ embarque / S. Valentim /16020325 /obs=#não padre.
        ls$ jesuita-votos-local / Negaptattinam /16040106 /obs=%Negapatami (Négapatam).
        ls$ morte / Changchow /16110000 /obs=[JRC: Talvez 漳州 (Zhangzhou) Fujian]#no rio, a caminho do Japão.

Version 2021.A4.1 21/5/2021

Adds caddy server for https access

MHK is now integrated with Caddy (

Caddy will provide https access to mhk at https://host/mhk and provide automatically a certificate. This is important for public accessible instalations.

For this to work the Caddy configure file at mhk-home/system/conf/caddy/Caddyfile must be edited, replacing "localhost" with the internet name of the computer (such as See Caddy documentation for instructions.

The Kleio server status page is availabe at https://host/kleio and the Portainer admin interface at https://host/portainer.

The old addresses at http://localhost:8080/mhk http://localhost:8088 (kleio) http://localhost:9000 (Portainer) are still available in the same machine where mhk is running.

The old address http:localhost:8080/mhk2019 is deprecated. Request to https://host/mhk2019 will be redirected to https://host/mhk. All http requests are redirected to https..

Inside a local network other machines can access mhk using the ip or the local network machine name (such as macmini.local) but the browser will issue a warning for untrusted certificate. The browser will require the user to trust the certificate.

New mhk report command

To ease management of installation with several users and sources, a report can be generated with the command:

    mhk report [status]

This will output the current version of mhk and list all the users configurations and all the source directories. If "status" is included then a list of the last 5 commits is given for each source directory connected to a git repository

Dealing with linking information inconsistencies

The tab "linking" will provide list of inconsistencies in the record linking information. These can be real person with no occurrences and real persons with occurrences that are no longer in the database.

Click from the listed real persons to see their record. In the real person "Identification" tab it is possible to correct both problems by removing a real person with no occurrences or changing/removing occurrences that no longer exist.

It is strongly advised to figure out what produced the missing occurences. Experience shows that there are three main causes:

  1. Different sources with the same id. This is the most common reason. Copy and paste of the first two lines of kleio file is common and sometimes the id of an existing source is kept in a new source. When a source is imported it will replace any existing source with the same id and all the included information. All the occurrences in the replaced file that were previously linked into real persons will be flagged as missing.
  2. Changing the id of an act and also changing the id of the actors. Sometime acts receive and id that is non standard and af

Changing the bgcolor of the header

To give a MHK install a specific "look" the background color of the header can be set a specific color with the command (issue #127:

    mhk header-color COLORSPEC

COLORSPEC can be a name of a color (see , preferably dark.)

Improvements and bug fixes

Several bug fixes and performance improvements in the porcessing of identification.

Version 2021.A3-3 11/05/2021

Triple double quotes for preserving original format of sources

Implements request 134.

It is now possible to preserve line breaks and spacing by enclosing blocks of text with triple double quotes (""").

   fonte$visita1692/1692/devassa/loc=auc III-d,5,2,135

      devassa$dev1692/10/4/1692/visdor=manuel joao%doutor#cargo: desembargador da relacao episcopal/fol=fol?/obs= """

      Pároco Luís Álvaro Pinto.

      A visita e' feita na igreja da Misericórdia em vários dias.
      Continua em 13 de Abril de 1692.
      Continua em 15 de Abril de 1692 (a partir da testemunha 33 inc.).
      Continua em 16 de Abril de 1692 (a partir da testemunha 45 inc.).
      Continua em 17 de Abril de 1692 (a partir da testemunha 62 inc.).
      Continua em 18 de Abril de 1692 (a partir da testemunha 74 inc.).
      Continua em 19 de abril de 1692 (a partir da testemunha 83 inc.).

Double quotes for escaping special characters

Characters with special meaning in kleio files are ignored inside double quotes. This allows for including URLs in sources files.

   referido$Francisco Barreto de Lima/obs=See ""


mhk manager Timelink 2021.A3-1 2021-05-06


* Introduces tags in docker images, allowing for installing different versions in different machines with "mhk update". See doc

Bug fixes

* Cleans up database connection management, fixes issue #110